Self Portrait (wood engraving)

Self Portrait

Welcome to my website, I am a painter and printmaker based in Penzance, Cornwall. This site is a show case for my original etchings and wood engravings.

Artist Statement

My Prints usually start with an emotion or state of mind which I then try to express through shape and composition of a human figure. Somtimes I start off with a clear image in my minds eye that I try to recreate, sometimes its a much more vague feeling. I then use photography, with myself (or family) as a model, and computer manipulation to refine my image before creating a print. I have been using this method of working because, at each stage, I can refine the composition to end up with the image that best conveys my original idea.

Much of my work could be considered portraiture even though I don't particually try to achieve a facial likeness, indeed I often don't include the face at all. On the contrary I might want to express something about my own personality or feelings but use someone else as a model for that picture or vice versa.

I also hope that my prints are beautiful objects in themselves regardless of the subject matter. I have been interested in composition long before I knew what subject matter I wanted to explore. Before I studied fine art my subject matter ranged from wildlife to landscape to figurative illustrations inspired by novels.

Although I have been concentrating on printmaking in the last few years I also work in oils, watercolours and soft pastels. To me a large part of the enjoyment of making art is experimenting with new media and techniques.

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